Sunday, May 1, 2016

Charleston: Churches and Cemeteries Edition

We began our exploration of Charleston by driving in from our hotel in North Charleston to the heart of the old city, parking in one of the numerous and affordable parking structures and starting to ramble with Sharon reading every sign available to her and me taking pictures of everything else.

A subscription (as opposed to free public) library
Then she came across what looked like a park/garden/churchyard. And that’s what it was the churchyard/cemetery for The Unitarian Church in Charleston. We prowled the churchyard and then went in to be greeted by docent Barb McCabe and her husband, whose name I do not recall, but who both provided a half hour of information about the church and the city, lots of helpful suggestions, and generally pleasant chat.

You want Southern Gothic? We got Southern Gothic

The windows open, because of the heat

A typical Charleston house with a side gallery to pick up sea breezes
 From there we rambled down King Street with lots of antiques shops but no pens, through the City Market, to the riverfront, back to town, and then back to the market (covering almost four miles in near-record 90º heat with equal humidity). Generally we do not do horse-drawn carriage rides, but this city has enacted really strong animal protections, so we did it. After a late snack/and brief collapse we headed to St. Peter’s church for more gravestones. No inside images because a wedding rehearsal was in progress.
The Riviera theater and a shot down King Street

The public market

Two views of the customs house, this side facing the city

This side, the bay

Massive wrought iron gallery

A horse's eye view of the market
St. Peter's Church

The day ended with a fine meal at the Low Country Bistro. It was a great, but exhausting day. Charleston is one fine city!

The plan for Saturday: Fort Sumter.

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