Saturday, May 14, 2016

Islamorada: Not so 13th

So, Friday was another housekeeping day. On Saturday we will head up the West Coast of Florida on a two week journey home. So it seemed to make sense to have a lazy resort day, taking care of chores in the morning and kicking back in the afternoon. And that’s what we did. In fact the camera never came out, but the day seemed to call for at least a few images, so iPhone to the rescue.

In the afternoon we sat overlooking the beach, reading.

At day's end we had dinner on the beach at Lazy Days Restaurant where we also got to enjoy another sunset, along with some great food.

Lazy Days Restaurant, a typical beach joint with extraordinary fare

This was the view from where I sat. In fact most of these images were shot without lifting my butt from the seat.

Another sunset, but this one facing east, so it was greatly muted

Our hotel. We will return next year.
Saturday will see us travel from the Keys to Sarasota, via the Everglades. But we will be back. Next year's trip will be something different, Cuba, and the plan is to return to the Keys after Cuba.

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pmoss said...

Coincidence, my twin sister is in Islamorada on vacation also. she is from Sacramento. Not sure where she is staying.
Have fun and safe drive back.