Sunday, May 15, 2016

Everglades in Passing

Saturday we drove through the Everglades with just two brief stops, at Sharks Valley and Big Cypress. The heat and humidity were brutal, that evening in Sarasota the locals were commenting on it and Sarasota was cooler. Sharon does not do well in that kind of weather (I just sweat through it), so our stops were brief and our walks short, but we got the idea. It is a remarkable and remarkably fragile environment.
The visit begins with this boardwalk to orient the visitor to the environment

Both land and water

You then come to a cleared roadway that gives fantastic access to an environment teeming with life


Weird "transformer" cricket

Closer up
I should know what kinda fish

Another turtle

What need has we for kitteh pix, we has turkels

Big Cypress, now. Our second stop

with alligators, several of them

All kinds of dragonflies all over the place

Sunday in Sarasota we will bring on the clowns.

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