Monday, May 2, 2016

Charleston: History and Preservation

Fort Sumter was at the top of our agenda for Saturday, which was a bit cooler than the day before, but still plenty hot.

It was a relatively low-key day for us after the intensity of Friday. For the most part, Fort Sumter which provided me with ample opportunity to play with my camera.

We had more than an hour to kill before the Fort Sumter tour, so while Sharon read everything in sight on a gray morning I played with black and white. This is the Arthur Ravenal, Jr. bridge. I think it is nicer, even, than our new Bay Bridge at home

Fort Johnson in Charleston harbor

No experience is complete without a musket demonstration. He actually managed to load, prime and fire three rounds in a minute.

After four years of bombardment, the Fort was and is a remnant of what it was in 1863. Ruins are fun to shoot.

Another very knowledgeable volunteer interpreter

Imagine being in this battery with shots coming in and going out and bear in mind that the battery was, I believe, enclosed

Down the barrel

The city from the harbor
 Afterwards, we made our way back to King Street for a light, late lunch and then spent a delightful half hour at the Charleston Preservation Society’s gift shop and bookstore where Sharon bought books and I bought cards and a lovely print.
I actually made the two preservation society members pose

Their reading room/bookstore


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