Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Early Repair Day, while Waiting for A Big Shipment

Later today I have a really cool shipment of pens coming in. What are they? Won't tell, yet. Stay tuned!

In the meantime since I am using much of June to work through a backlog of repairs I figure I'll get one or two jobs done. This one came, quite literally to my doorstep, a client who delivered a Pelikan 100 and a 100N . As a result I did not look at the pens as closely as I might have. Long story short, the 100N was a mess.Someone had attempted to do something to the barrel, the result being a stippled interior surface that no synthetic seal could ever secure. What to do? At this point I was on my own. With no possible synthetic seal (I tried literally every type possible, new and slightly used, nothing worked, I figured the only hope would be a cork seal, but no 100N piston head would fit into the barrel, so I had to make one. Since I had a non standard piston head, I then had to fabricate a new turning knob and spindle.

This pen is never gonna be a beauty and the mechanism is a frankenism if ever there were one, but the client can now use the pen which, interestingly enough is a lovely writer. Stay tuned for the arrival of the special shipment.

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