Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today in Pens

In terms of pens, today has been mostly a day of finishing up and announcing the big update and completing a couple of repairs.

These three (a Senior Maxima, a Streamline Duofold, and an Oversize Gold Seal came to me from a client who said they were running dry after writing a while. I was unable to verify the problem, but upon disassembly found them terribly clogged. I cleaned all three and will retest them. Sometimes all you can do is to fix the reported problem without being able to independently verify it.
On the website I offer "demonstrators" of the Pelikan 100 model. These use custom made shafts and incorporate vintage parts. If you're interested visit the site. Here you see one pen partially assembled, it will go to the Portland Show in a few weeks, at the left are the parts for another being made for a customer. No OS Vacs were involved, pay no attention to the label on the bag.

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Marta said...

Hello Rick,

Really nice space here. I added your blog's URL on my menu, and Penguin's URL as well.

Great idea with these demonstrators. I was lucky to purchase here in Poland Pelikan Ibis demonstrator with all transculent green barrel. So I wonder why Pelikan didn't introduce the same demonstrator model in 100, 101 series.

Keep my fingers cross for your blog and will be visiting it often.
Warmest greetings,