Monday, June 23, 2008

Writing About Pens

One of my goals for the summer is to complete an article on the attraction of first year pens. Here we have my desk at PENguin central with reference books, my green spatterware composition book and the coral Pelikan 101 that got me through the final stage of the first draft.

Having the actual pens to hand, field research as it were, helps too. Writing about the history of first year pens, or any pens for that matter, is based not just on archives and secondary sources but first hand observation.

And, to be honest, it's impossible these days to write on pens or research them without recourse to the internet, in this case Martin Lehmann's emerging website based on the information first offered in Pelikan Schreibgerate.

For me, at least, my Rancilio Sylvia, which makes as good a cup of coffee as I have ever had, is another indispensable research and writing tool!

Finally, the last paragraph, and now it has to go onto the computer. Wish there were an easy way to do that, but it's back to the keyboard. On the way, I'll begin the editing process, so it ain't a total loss.


Marta said...

To read your handwriting is impossible for me:) But the pen is impressive.
Today, finally, I got my "green book" copy. The picture of yours remind me how happy I am.
Warmest greetings,

The PENguin said...

Marta, to read my handwriting is impossible for most people, including me at times. When the article is finished you will be able to read it in Stylus.

Sid said...

Rick- the green-speckled comp book i n the picture. Would you mind telling us what brand is it? Ilove writing in comp books with my FPs. Problem is, itis hard tofind one that is FP friendly.
-Sid from PT