Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Flight of The PENguin

On June 30, The PENguin flies off for his annual pilgrimage north (yeah, yeah, I know, no flight, Antarctica). This year its three weeks in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle (maybe), Portland (Pen Show!) and Ashland.

Sadly the Z3M will not hold three weeks worth of luggage for two people and pen show stuff, so it stays in the garage,

and the poor PENguin is reduced to driving Ms. PENguin's (sob, not Saab) Toyota! The horror. But first the trusty Toyota needs service. So here we have the PENguin garage with the Toyota undergoing a change of oil and filters, tire rotation and all around inspection.
The rear window of the Toyota proclaims its readiness to carry us to see the Bard on the last leg of the trip.And, finally, we have The PENguin as Grease Monkey. Fortunately pen repair tools and auto repair tools are most similar.

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