Monday, July 28, 2008

Chicago, Au Revoir

Today marked my last day, at least for now, working with the Pelikans in the Sachs/Fultz collection. The pens were great and the companionship better yet.

It was a long day as all three of us scrambled to get at least half the work done that will be necessary to catalogue and interpret close to four hundred Pelikan pens and pieces of various ephemera.

But I did get a chance to get some images, mostly of Keith and Catherine. And one of our non-pen colleagues took a snap of the three of us. Hope you have enjoyed my account of the trip even a quarter as much as I enjoyed the week.

Keith and Catherine

have a working relationship that the rest of us can only envy.

This is a pose most characteristic of Keith.

Although she is not part of the hobby, after almost a year, Catherine knows as much about pens as many long time collectors. Here she studies the fine points of a Pelikan 100.

Pelikans, at least some of them,

and the three of us.

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