Sunday, July 6, 2008

Left the Camera Behind Yesterday

Spent the day touring Victoria, in particular the Royal BC Museum. Some of you may know that for about six years I worked in museums, and for my money, this has to be one of the best museums ever. The War Brides exhibit was moving beyond words. Not sure I missed the camera here.

After tea, we visited the Butchart Gardens. I did not figure on the sheer scope of the park, so left behind the camera, a mistake, so here's the site, again:

We only stayed a few hours, as even late in the day, it was extremely crowded. The nighttime fireworks are said to be spectacular, but the crowds got to us and we'd seen the fleurs.

Just for fun, here's the view from our hotel room balcony at dawn.

We're just behind the bay, by a block, but a most pleasant hotel.

Finally, there's been little about pens on this blog, so let's do some pens and a contest. What sort of pens does The PENguin take on a three week trip, including a pen show? If you think you can correctly identify everything, e-mail me with your answer and if you are right, I'll send you a pen (though nothing from this portfolio).

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