Sunday, July 13, 2008

More From Portland

The Portland show began, officially, on Saturday at 10:00 with a considerable crowd and by 11:00 the room was crowded enough that it took some attention to navigate it. I was too busy to even take much of a break, let alone bring out my camera until well after lunchtime.

From my perspective, there are a number of reasons to attend a pen show. The main one if to have fun and to catch up with friends. For this Portland has always been without equal.

Two other reasons are to acquire pens and, if you are a vendor, to sell pens. I have always sold well at Portland, but nothing prepared me for my Saturday sales. By the time the dust settled I had one of my best sales days atg any show, ever. Sadly, I also found a great deal to buy. Several new pens entered my own collection including a Bohler in blue (thanks Laurel), a Juska (gracias, Carlita), a Visconti Titanium Skeleton, which has long been on my list, courtesy of one J. Hamilton. And on and on.

The show also featured a number of new and innovative seminar topics, including presentations on pen repair tools and journaling.

Below are some images from the show. During the coming week, I’ll try to post images of the pens and will report on Sunday.

The show floor late afternoon Saturday, after the rush

Frank and Sam Fiorella of Pendemonium

Carla Mortensen, host extraordinaire, with Greg Minuskin, emerging nibmeister

Kim Sosin signs up new and retruning members for the PCA

Joel Hamilton, of Ink-pen, explains it all

Stuart Hawkinson, toolmaker extraordinaire

Deb Haskell and John Strother

Jim Marshall, emerging candidate for mayor of Portland

Great food and music make for a great afternoon reception

Kristi Keller wins a prize

Joanne Thompson, Faye Pearce, Bruce Hirschman (partly obscured) Joel Hamilton and the back of someone

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