Saturday, July 12, 2008

Greetings from Portland

Apologies, first, for the lack of images. To be honest, I was having too much fun meeting and greeting folks to take pictures. I promise to do so today.

As I have long said, this has to be the greatest small show in the universe, only it is not so small anymore. As we arrived, I was greeted by Henry Gostony, he and his wife, as well as George and Michelle Fischer, made the trip from Arizona. We shortly ran into Joel and Diana Hamilton and Sherrell Tyree. By evening, Sharon and I had hooked up, too, with our Bay Area contingent. John Strother with Deb and her friend Pat, Alan and Susan Brookings, Bill Forbess, Saul and Barbara Kitchener were all there for drinks and munchies Thursday night.

Friday began relatively early, at around 9:00 in the John Steinbach Room of the hotel. Brian Johnstone and Maja Furlong made up the early advance contingent from BC. By midmorning, Saul, me, Joel, Alan Brookings, and John were set up in one corner of the room, shortly we were joined by others, including Stuart Hawkinson, Gail, and a few others locally. Ms. Carla (Mortensen) ably assisted by John Schwab and Michael Yeats (bowman extraordinaire) and others presided with their usual grace and aplomb. Sam and Frank Fiorella and their niece Kyla, came in during the course of the day as did nibmeister Greg Minuskin. Other sellers filtered in throughout the day, so that by day’s end and the first of the famous receptions, this hosted by the Portland Pen Club, the rooms were quite crowded. Before the reception, Jim Marshall read a proclamation from Portland mayor Tom Potter, welcoming us to the city, and with that the reception began. Despite travel problems, Kim Sosin made it in from Omaha, early Friday, but Faye Pearce and Joanne Thompson did make it until later in the day.

Now a reception at Portland does not mean a few crackers and dried out chunks of Co Jack cheese. There was, to be sure, a cheese platter with Stilton, Brie, and herbed chevre cheeses. There were scallop and sashimi appetisers, crab cakes and prawns. Some folks partook of the veggie platter, and everyone had at least one too many of the white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries.

For most of us that was dinner. Today, I promise to unleash the camera and capture images from my favoritest pen show ever. For those within two hundred miles, it’s not too late.

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