Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Few Finds

Part of Oregon's charm for me is that I seem to find more pens and knives in the wild here than any where else. My best find, from several years ago was a cardinal Waterman 55 at the low, low price of $9. It remains in one of my pen drawers.

This year may have matched that when I came across a hand engraved Wahl #2 set from, I think, around 1910. It shows use and needs a proper nib and feed, but it is charming. I am not sure whether I will keep or sell it. It came with an unused Sheaffer 1001Targa that will probably go to a new home at the San Francisco Pen Show.

Oregon has also given me a number of new and old knives found both in the wild and in shops. My first of this trip was on the coast, a new old stock Case 3254CV Trapper from 2008. It's one of the more common Case knives, dating back to 1940 but it's a classic and I don't have one.

Coming up are trips to the Portland Pen Round-Up and Hawthorne Cutlery, so I expect to have more to show off soon.

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