Friday, July 13, 2018

Knives and Rosa’s Roses

There are times when I just put up the images and say “lookit,” and then there is today’s post where entitling it, alone, took up most of my bandwidth.

First it was gonna be the conventional “Day in the Garden.”  But I have been so thrilled with my knife finds that I came up with “Knives and Roses” (get it, Axl, yadda yadda). But Rosa, our chennille travelling companion, has also been prominent of late and she was demanding a billing, so maybe “Knives and Rosas?” but there was just one of her . . .  you see where this was going. So, as I sat down to type, this title came to me in a blinding flash of something.

So anyways, we went to the Rose Garden, ostensibly because, Sharon says, they have the best gardening gloves in the known universe, and I wasn’t gonna take pictures.

Later, a bit of shopping; a stop at the Portland-precious, but always excellent, Hay and Straw for an ice cream lunch (it’s hot here); and dinner with friends Mary and John. Nice day.

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