Sunday, July 29, 2018

Oregon Finds

As I posted earlier, Oregon has always been fertile hunting grounds for both pens and, more recently, knives.

So I thought I would share this year's finds:

From left, an ASCO (Aurora sub-brand in lapis. This one stays with me. A mandarin Parker Duofold pencil to match a streamline Junior. This will make up a set for sale. A Parker Vacumatic sub Debutante, a lovely pen that will clean up and be offered in San Francisco. Ditto the striped Duofold, and the Pelikan M800. If anyone is interested let me know. The Targa 1001 is new with stickers and available. I think I may keep the yellow Waterman's 7, but if anyone wants to talk me out of it . . .  Next, a Wahl-Eversharp hand engraved set, a pretty uncommon set that I got in the wild on the Coast. They need restoration and will be up for grabs, and I included the image something that came to me from a friend, a Zenit that I just got and will stay with me, unless . . .
And the knives:
Top left, an old school damascus and horn lock back by Bernard Levine. This is a bit of a cheat, since it was an online  purchase that was here when we returned. Below it is a classic Case knife, the 3254 trapper from 2009, I think. It is  new and unused. I overpaid a bit, but what the hay, I was on vacation. The knife at bottom left is by Russell Milligan, a gentleman's folder in mammoth ivory with double mokume bolsters and  a damascus blade and some nice firework on the liners. Top right is a legendary Lone Wolf Paul Defender with checkered cocobolo handles and a charming gravity opening system. Middle right is a William Henry B12 Auburn. Pure self-indulgence on my part, but an exquisite knife. Finally bottom right is something that came back from repair while we were away, a John W. Smith/Aaron Frederick 3PS with anodized damascus bolsters and LSCF scales. It came to me damaged and is finally now a pen I can love as it should be loved. Thank you, Aaron, for the rescue work.

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