Sunday, July 29, 2018

Shakespeare and the Park

Just to wrap up my account of our 2018 trip,  From Portland we drove pretty directly to Ashland in Southern Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival which we have been addending for more than twelve years. There we were to meet up with two other couples and our daughter for a week of camaraderie and culture.

As we drove south the smoke from Northern California and Southern Oregon fires became apparent. By the end of the week, the OSF was actually having to cancel performances in the outdoor theater because air quality was unsafe for performers and crew. For most of the week we were able to walk in the park, but by week's end walking felt like it had in June when I was hiking at 6,000 feet.
Rosa anxiously awaits the start of Love's Labour Lost

One of my favorite places in the world, Lithia Park and Lithia Creek, while my knees prevented me from going into the hills as in the past, I got in a couple of nice, short walks with Howie and with Anna

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