Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cars and Carp

Saturday saw us at another of our favorite Portland institutions, the Portland Art Museum. I was especially keen to see “The Shape of Speed.” Their display of iconic automobiles. I could go on about the exhibit, but instead you might go to their website.

I will say that I have seen a lot of car exhibits and this was one of the very best. Many of the iconic makers of the period were represented, though often not with their best designs, but there were an Airflow and Thunderbolt from Chrysler, a Talbot-Lago, a Delahaye, an Alfa 6C, etc. Any Bugatti is worth seeing, even if it is as funky as this one was.

A Bugatti interior. Looks nice in there

Sharon asked my favorite, and initially it was the iconic Alfa-Romeo 6C

But at the end of the day this Talbot-Lago with Figoni et Falaschi bodywork stole my heart

And there was the "motorized lobster."

From there we went to the LanSu Chinese Garden and then met a friend for coffee. 

Water lilies were the featured attraction here
Though the dragonfly wanted his picture taken

The carp were being Koi
A quick trip to see Fort Vancouver and an early dinner rounded out the day.

Sunday, the pen round-up. Though the museum did have some pens, in the form of a tray for sale in the car section. Wer Weiß

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