Saturday, July 9, 2016


First, my apology for the title. I could not help myself.

We spent Thursday on the Historic Columbia River Highway, one of my favorite drives.

The Route

The Vista House at Crown Point is one of my favorite buildings, period. Built in 1918, it looks Deco, but predates the formal debut of Art Deco by a solid seven years.

And the view up and down the river ain't bad either.

Mid-summer is car time. This gentleman restored his Morris Minor about thirty years ago.

Ahhh, the falls. Latourell


It's fun to play with shutter speed to capture rushing water or to convey a sense of motion with a slow shutter

This little island was a native burial ground

Mjultnomah, the most striking of these falls. The first time we passed it traffic was backed up for a mile and people were literally fighting over parking. On the way back, in the rain it was more accessible and I was able to walk up to the bridge.

A mist shrouded view from Crown Point later in the day.

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