Thursday, July 7, 2016

Portland: Knives & Roses

So, we hit Portland Tuesday afternoon and after looking at the weather forecasts calling for rain beginning Thursday, decided to start on Wednesday at the world famous Portland Rose Garden. Sharon has been there before, but I never have. So off we went.

Then in the afternoon, Sharon, bless her, decided that I needed to visit my favorite knife place, Hawthorne Cutlery, owned by David Rappoport who is open and welcoming and a walking encyclopedia of knife knowledge. Always a pleasure to visit with him, learn and acquire new stuff. If you like knives and are anywhere near Portland, a visit to Hawthorne Cutlery is a must. The knife is an Al Mar lockback in vintage Westinghouse white micarta with engraved bolsters by Rob Valade. Al Mar is, of course, a local maker out of Tualatin, Oregon. It is shown here with the pen I am currently carrying, a BradTorelli "51" replica made from cumberland hard rubber with a hammered copper cap  and also with my John W Smith  TAD Dauntless with modern white micarta handles. Note how the vintage material has taken on a strong patina, but also how the newer pen is just starting to patinate. This knife goes along with my emerging tendency to gather at least a few more traditional knives like the ones I have gotten in Arkansas and on the Oregon coast. It never stopz.

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