Saturday, July 16, 2016

J'ville Knives

As I think I posted earlier, part of the trip is a ritual pilgrimage to our favorite tourist trap in the area, Jacksonville, Oregon and to our favorite restaurant in the area, Gogi's.

And for me no trip to Jacksonville is complete these days without a stop in to another of my favorite knife shops, the Carefree Buffalo, which is devoted to items for "Modern Western Living." They are a William Henry dealer and over the past few years I have gotten several knives from them.

In a week's time, they will be offering a major William Henry event, but I got a small preview which comprised more WH knives than I have heretofore seen in one place. With some help I was able to compile a short list of half a dozen candidates for acquisition.

Than, although it has not yet been officially released, Joe Surges, the shop's owner was kind enough to show me a special edition he put together with the folks at WH, "The Carefree Buffalo Route 66." Joe said I was only the second client to see the knife and shortly thereafter it became mine.

The knife along with my green Arco OMAS Paragon, with which, coincidentally, it goes well.

The Shop on California Street

The data

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