Saturday, July 16, 2016

Out and About in Ashland

For us the climax of each year's Oregon trip is the week spent in Ashland at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This year we see nine plays in six days, which is about typical.

I don't really have my camera out and about with me, that's not what this is about, but for your consideration some scenes of Ashland and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
A civic tribute to the festival that built the city

More from the cool cars series, a '67 mustang, clean and with Shelby pretensions

A tribute to the pig from an unknown admirer

The deer in town are pretty accustomed to people. We've seen them in the front yard of our B&B, these were in Lithia Park

The park is one of my favorite places here.In the past I have done walking and hiking. This year a torqued ankle has limited me to one mile-and-a-half walk

Three theaters center around this plaza

This is the Elizabethan

This is the New, or Thomas, theater, a classic black box where they do their most intimate performances

Rosa, ready to see Hamlet in the Elizabethan.

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