Monday, July 11, 2016

Portland: Fashionistas

Well, on Saturday we shopped along NW 23rd Avenue and then on Sunday we visited a fashion exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art, so draw your own conclusions.

For a number of reasons we allowed a day, possibly two, more than we absolutely needed, just because we so enjoy the city. So the weekend was real leisure time when we were not visiting friends.

No images of us shopping or eating some incredible ice cream, but on Sunday I did some iPhonography at the Museum. What we saw were two Summer Exhibitions; Native Fashion Now and Case Work:Studies in Form, Space & Construction by Brad Cloepfil/Allied Works Architecture.

If you are anywhere around Portland before September 4, be sure to see Native Fashion Now. It is an interesting, educational, delightful exploration of one of those "who knew" subjects.

The main hall

Look up

A lot of the stuff on exhibit is just playful fun, all of it is exquisite

This was part of the "Provocateurs" display 

This exhibit dealt with the Allied Works design firm, who work not locally but across the nation designing mostly institutional structures. It showed sketches, compositions and materials and featured a video in which Cloepfil discussed his design ethos. We were fortunate, too, to run into an off-duty docent who taught us a great deal about his work. Interestingly he has done nothing in Portland, where he is based. I kind of understand why. Though we clearly love this city, it's not for the architecture which ranges from the clunky to the adequate. Maybe Allied can change that ethic.

On Monday we transition to Ashland and what Sharon regards as the "main part" of the trip, a week at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a week in which we will see everything they have on offer.

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