Sunday, July 10, 2016

Portland.2 (tea and books)

And not too many images.

I guess Portland its everyone's favorite city, at least on the west coast. I kind of class it with Santa Fe, Savannah, Austin, Mobile as one of the most livable mid-size cities.

We have been coming up here regularly for about fifteen years and enjoying the pleasures and treasuries of the city. For part of the time my destination was the Portland Pen Show, so Sharon has sen more of the city than I have (and she's been here a couple of times without me. So I am still discovering new places like the Rose Garden and the Art Museum as well as trodden paths like the Columbia River Gorge, the Lan Su Garden, and Powell's.

Friday we were on familiar ground, Powell's and the Garden. A few images: Sharon in her element and me playing with the camera in the Garden.

Sharon in her element

Lan Su Gardens. Portland's Chinatown is derelict, but the gardens are exquisite

There are a couple of large koi in here, can you see 'em?

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