Friday, April 18, 2014

A Great Day in Zion

 After an off-day (we all have them even on a trip like this), we had a fantastic day yesterday (I'm posting a day late because of a horrible connection in Zion), walking and soaking in the wonders of nature (and taking a few pictures).

For the first time on this trip I have missed having the old roadster. This is the kind of scenery you want to surround yourself with, and so that’s what we did. We walked about 2 ½ miles along the Riverside Trail which is a superhighway of a trail, paved and graded, with wheelchair access (and we saw a couple of wheelers out there). It also has offshoots some of which I took, and at the end those hardier than us don waterproof gear and go upriver to the narrows. Gotta say that walking down at 4000 feet is a whole lot easier than at 7500. This walk may have been a stroll in the park, but it least it felt like it.

The Riverside Walk

Ma and Pa and Buffalo
Dramatic lighting at day's end

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