Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Santa Fe: The Taos Edition

--> Everybody goes to Taos, from D.H. Lawrence to us, and there is a reason—the history, the people, the crafts. Even the town is somewhat special, but, especially it is the pueblo. It is the place that people have lived longest continuously in the current day US and it carries an indefinable aura about it that goes beyond that.

And as I remarked to Sharon, it is impossible to take a bad photo there. Unless you can’t take any, and that’s what happened to me mid-morning when I discovered much  to my horror that both of my back-up batteries for my camera were depleted.

Still, I managed to capture about 35 images before, here are a few.
Our tour guide, whose name I never got, is studying preservation architecture at UNM. Proceeds from the tours support her studies, we were generous

As we drove back through the town of Taos, we stopped and shopped, as we are supposed to do and picked up a lovely post World War II Acoma wedding jug and happened across the Taos county courthouse which is undergoing renovations, including some depression era murals. Left with only my iPhone working I snapped a few not so very good images.
These wonderful murals promulgate a liberal/libertarian agenda in the midst of the Great Depression

Dinner that evening was at The Compound, whose owner/chef, Mark Kiffen, received a James Beard award as best chef in New Mexico in 2005. The meal was more than worth the stop. Sharon thought is every bit as good as Chez Panisse.

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