Monday, April 28, 2014

Santa Fe Snow Day

It, truly, did snow today. Not enough to accumulate on the ground where we were, but there is some on the hills around. As a result we spent the day on Museum Hill, at the Museums of International Folk Art and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

We had read good things about the Folk Art museum, but were not prepared for just how good it is. Usually I’m not one much for taking pictures of museum exhibits, but . . .

After lunch we went to see the Indian Arts museum. It was fine, good, but I am growing a bit frustrated at not being able to take respectful images of native American subjects. I totally get the point about why, and it is, after all, their heritage, but still . . .

And that’s pretty much it except for one thing. This morning Sharon decided that what has been plaguing her is not a cold so much as chronic altitude sickness. I did a quick Google search and came up with what has been a miracle cure for her. Two 2012 studies seem to show that 600mg of ibuprofen three times daily is effective in quelling the symptoms. FYI

Tomorrow, Taos.
Here you can see the hills frosted

At lunchtime, it actually began to look like real snow

One of the exhibits was on kites from Japan. Tako Kichi means kite crazy

My favorite of them

Another exhibit dealt with folk art and the immigrant experience, including experiences of refugees from the halocausts in WWII and Southeast Asia. This depicts workers trying to enter the US while on the other side a maid serves drinks to a wealthy gringo couple.

Here I was trying to capture the juxtaposition of the carreta driver and the fantastical jaguar motorcycle

The figures at right are Lampião and Maria Bonita, Brazilian Robin Hood figures from the 1930s

Here I imagine them standing guard over the exhibit.
The museum features a massive open storage exhibit of the collection of Alexander Girard. Once the cutting edge, open storage has fallen out of favor for the very reason that this room overwhelms one.

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