Sunday, April 27, 2014

Santa Fe Two:

the Irony Edition. 

So, for the past three weeks we have been going across the southwest eating in roadside diners, cafeterias on Indian reservations, never any problem with food. We get to Santa Fe, one of the wortld food capitals and within twelve hours I am doubled up in the middle of the night with food poisoning. In part, it’s my own fault. Ceasar salad with traditional (raw egg) dressing? What could go wrong?

Nevertheless, we managed to show up at 10:15 for the Santa Fe History Museum’s daily walking tour of the plaza and surrounds. Our Guide was Phillip Jager, a nice man with a great store of knowledge. Among his more interesting-to-me tidbits of information was the headquarters of the Manhattan Project at 109 Palace Street.

We spent the rest of the day low key, wandering the city center and touring the exhibits at the Governor’s Palace. We ran out of steam before we could do the new History Museum proper, did some shopping for supplies, since the casita has a full kitchen, and took it easy the rest of Saturday. Sunday will be a museum day as I continue to recover from Friday’s (mis)adventure and Sharon still struggles with a cold she cannot shake.

One of the places Phil took us into was the historic La Fonda hotel, a marvellous Spanish colonial revival complex of hotel, restaurants and shops.

The Indian Detour was a tour of Indian villages offered by the hotel and the Fanta Fe Railroad in the 1920s

One of Santa Fe's many wonderful hidden placitas (small courtyards).
Inside the Governor's Palace Museum, the Segesser Hide paintings depict a 1720 encounter between the Spanish and the Natives they sought to conquer.

At the end of this corridor is a rather remarkable exhibit, Treasures of Devotion/Tesoros de Devoción, artifacts collected in the 1960s by Larry Frank. It shows how European iconography was practiced in the New World from 1700-1900.

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Joel said...

I am so sorry go hear that you are eating Ceaser's salad in NM! Stick with the green Chile cheese burgers. Get better so you can enjoy the trip. Sorry I am on the road.