Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thinks and stuff and a pen, at last

or Santa Fe, Five: Taking care of Business

No images today as we spent our first totally kickback, non tourist day of the trip. I started the day with a meeting (friends of Bill W.), and then hit Ian’s Garage for an oil change. As much high speed driving under dirty conditions as I have been doing I thought it a good idea, and I generally like to do at least one oil change between scheduled intervals, this is my second. Ian Clemmer is a fanatic in the best sense of the word. If I were within 200 miles of him, he would be doing everything on my cars.

Meanwhile, Sharon was doing some necessary domestic chores and looking up bookstores, since she has already burned through what she bought and has discovered that the joys of e-books are not for her on a regular basis, so we hit Collected Wroks, a lovely little local bookstore, well selected as the best are, and then headed over to hook up with Neal Frank at Santa Fe Pens. As much as pens, Neal is now into SCCA racing, so we talked cars a bit and I came away not with the pen I wanted, a full cutaway demonstrator 1936 silver pearl Vacumatic standard, but a nice little silver plate Pelikan M750.

Dinner? El Meson, where David Huertas does a superb job with Spanish cuisine. As good as The Compound, though not quite as innovative.

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