Monday, April 14, 2014

Grand Canyon to Bryce

Another travel day today as we move from the Grand Canyon, which totally knocked us back, to Bryce. We made several stops along the way, beginning with the Little Colorado River Gorge, maintained as a site by the Navajo Nation.

We stopped there for pictures, of course, and ended up buying some exquisite jewelry for Anna (our daughter) and Sharon and a gorgeous piece of pottery for the house.

With Arizona Highway 89 washed out south of Page, Nevada, a detour added about 30 miles to the trip. I don’t know what the scenery is like along 89, but 89A offered some stunning scenery, including the Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon.

Those of you who know me well know that it had to happen at least once on this trip. Kudos to the Utah Highway Patrol. When I came up on him fast from behind, the officer was good enough to just issue me a warning. I promised him I’d slow down. Gotta be more careful.

And our last set of stops after turning onto the road leading to Bryce Canyon was at Red Rock Canyon.

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