Friday, April 25, 2014

Santa Fe, Parte Uno

It took just a brief afternoon orientation for me to be able, I think, to answer the question why Santa Fe and not Sedona. I’ve been in and through Santa Fe three or four times in my life and every time I came away wanting more, so here we are for a full week, in a very comfortable and spacious casita, where we can eat in if we choose, do laundry and spread out in a way we’ve not been able to in three weeks.

By the time we got here we had driven 290 miles and had stopped briefly in Albuquerque. We were both at low energy, but managed to walk a few blocks around the central plaza and environs and to make plans for tomorrow, to include a two hour walking tour of the city followed by free time to do as whim carries us. Dinner will be at El Meson, a Spanish restaurant that has been discussed favorably in the New York Times, no less.

For now just a few snapshots. I put the camera on auto and pointed and shot.
A few buildings on the main square

The Governor's Palace. Once the most important building in the province, it stretched for several blocks. Waht remains is an important remnant

Although this looks like a common street market, artisans have to be admitted to show here.

A side street

As I was charging ahead to somewhere, Sharon had to call me back to capture this scene. Like all great cities, Santa Fe has its hidden aisles and corridors.

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