Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oooooh, Las Vegas!

What’s there to be said? It’s all been done in films and music, all of it celebrating Sin City. For me Nick Cage and Gram Parsons nailed it.

So we arrive and check into the Aria (not willing to go $375/night for the Bellagio). The whole place is pitched at an insane scale. We line up for our room, it's like an airline ticket counter. The woman with the cantilevered boobs and collagen face walks by, stared at not only by Sharon and me but by the Elvis impersonator behind us. If you’ve been there you know, if not maybe yes, maybe no.

There’s really no possible narrative, so here are the images, a few with captions just ‘cause I can’t resist.
The lobby of the Aria

The view from our room

I liked this image for the remnants of old Vegas

There was almost something endearing about these and other young women posing on the street corners for the tourists. Wholesome, in context.
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Nature rears its ugly head

What's to say about the interior of the Bellagio?

Poor butterfly!

You read about the exodus of name chefs after the economic crash, but with a bit of care you can dine well, but not cheaply. Estatorio Milos was extraordinary.
After dinner, we saw Cirque du Soleil Mystere. Extraordinary!

This says it all, I think

I only wanted to spend one night in  Mammon, a second might have been worthwhile. We missed Circus Circus (circus, circus, circus . . .).

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