Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grand Canyon: Day Two


Not too much to say, the images trump any words I might offer. But here are a few factoids. Yesterday we walked about 2 miles, drove about 50 and I took 189 photos.

We began, as yesterday, at Mather Point and walked the Rim Trail about 1.5 miles to the Pipeline Vista. The walk took a couple of hours not because we are old and out of shape but because I seemed incapable of taking more than twenty steps without taking a side trail and shooting a handful of images before moving on. Sharon was reasonably understanding. From there we took the shuttle back to the Village, jumped into the car for the twenty-five Desert View drive, stopping at a number of vistas including the Grandview, the Watchtower and the ruins of a Anasazi village named Tusayan by those who excavated it in 1930.

We’ve been told that 5,000,000 people visit per year. The more accessible parts of the trails and overlooks reflect the crowds, but off the beaten path you can find solitude and the grandeur of nature’s god is all around you.

The ruins at Tusayan

The Desert View Watchtower, one of Mary Colter's buildings

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