Saturday, May 10, 2014

El Paso: Day Two

We spent the morning wandering briefly through downtown El Paso and in the El Paso Museum of Art, based on the recommendation of the Lonely Planet guidebook. It was time well spent. The city center is a surprisingly pleasant melange of old and new Southwest architecture and we plan to return, today, Saturday, so I can play with the camera, which I did not take with us. The museum has a superbly chosen collection which, like the downtown architecture, showcases the art of the city.

Sharon was captivated by the work of Ricardo Chavarria

Both of us were charmed  by the work of Gaspar Enriquez

This exhibit invited viewers to participate, I figured they needed an old Jew.

Just a taste of the city's rich architecture, more en la mañana

From there we met up with two friends locally, Steve Halper and Carlos Kaplan, in Steve’s shop. We had lunch, talked life and pens, and I came away with a couple of new acquisitions.

Steve had the ballpoint to make my first year arco a set. Who could resist?

Over the years Wall Street sets have come and gone, will this one stay with me? See image of me above.

Tomorrow we revisit downtown and will go out to the historic Magoffin House and will probably finish the day with a tour of historic neighborhoods. Both of us are taken with this city.

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