Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Onward to Tombstone

--> One can take only so much authentic history, anthropology and culture. From the outset, it was our plan at some point in this journey to head out to Tombstone, Arizona. The world famous “wild west,” town that was “too tough to die.” You get the idea.

We started the day in Show Low, Arizona where we stopped for the night, between Mesa Verde and Tombstone. Actually we were in Pinetop/Lakeside an affluent resort town in the White mountains. US 60/ State Highway 77 gave us a spectacular, scenic ride; but I did not stop to take pictures partly because I picked up a deep blue Audi R8 which followed me along what was a fast mountain road with well graded corners and some high speed curves. I had some fun and Sharon was a good sport about it. The other guy was not so good a sport, as he never took the lead, but left it solely to me. Would have been fun to chase him some.

When we came out into Globe we stopped for breakfast and from there the scenery was much more desolate, time for some fast running with eyes out sharp ahead and behind.  I knew the 1M was built as a racer, but never before have I driven a car that is as comfortable as this one is at speeds over 120.

We got into Tombstone with plenty of time to see the sights, witness a mock gunfight and absorb the atmosphere of a town that is not sure whether to make fun of its past or mock it, so it does both, while raking in tourist bucks. We are not averse to tourist traps so we are totally down with it all, but noted that this city is much more sincere than places like Virginia City which has replaced gold with tourist fleece. These folks seem almost shyly proud of their town and its survival.

A fine introduction to Tombstone today

Shootouts in the streets

the streets

Big Nose Kate was a prostitute and companion to Doc Holliday
Today, "her" establishment serves as a bar and grill, serving food and drink to tourists and as a venue for authentic cowboy music Tuesday nights

At times there are more residents from the 1880s on the streets than tourists
a tourist

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