Friday, May 23, 2014

What Makes Austin Austin

As I may have mentioned (or not) is that the city’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird.” In truth it does not seem that strange to us, but we have San Francisco on one side and Berkeley (Beserkeley) on the other.

We spent our last day here doing casual, purely things, starting with the shopping area of South Congress, where we bought gifts for us and our near and dear and just generally hung out. Amy’s ice cream’s dark chocolate was awesome, as was their sweet cream flavor. Sharon was overwhelmed by Hill Country Weavers.

We were not overwhelmed by Allen's Boots and managed to spend some money here, though not for boots, too much of an affectation for folks who no longer are associated with horses and shows.

As the day heated up we enjoyed an extensive windshield tour of the gentrifying East Austin neighborhoods before returning to the hotel to do the inevitable laundry.

From there we went to dinner at one of the city’s many areas given over to food trucks. The Seedling Truck provided porchetta for me, a crusted salmon for Sharon. Dessert came from the cupcake truck. Sharon was much taken by Ms. P’s Electric Cock fried chicken truck, this is offered with no further comment.


The greatly pregnant bats never fully emerged before the boat went back to berth around 9:30, but the tour was just fine, thanks. To my great regret, we never did get to check out the indie music scene, even though we heard plenty of live music. It starts late and is noisy and Sharon, the opera lover turns into a mushroom after 9:00.

The Deconstructionist Austin City Hall, the back end sports a figural armadillo tail

The city is growing at an insane rate and after spending even a few days here we understand why.

On Friday we are off to the LBJ Ranch and the Texas Hill and Wine Country.

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