Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tombstone to El Paso

With stops in Bisbee, Arizona and Deming, New Mexico.

Today took us across nearly 300 miles, much of it along the Mexican border, from Tombstone to El Paso with a stop for breakfast and some images in historic Bisbee, Arizona. This wealthy copper mining town took the county seat away from Tombstone in 1929. By 1950 the town was in decline, revived only by open pit mining which was shut down by environmental regulations in the 1970s. Today the city offers its historic downtown as an arts hub. What is most notable about the town is its architecture, which reflects both the pretensions and the wealth of this mining town. A quick and dirty search did not lead me to an easily accessible catalogue of architects for the city’s historic downtown, but I think you’ll agree that its architecture is notable.

From there we headed for El Paso and on the way the inevitable happened, a New Mexico State Trooper was able to clock me on secondary road NM80. A few minutes earlier it would have been a disaster, but he recorded me at a moderate 77 mph. $161.00, but I hate having the point added to my California record. I guess that high-speed transit will no longer be an option for the rest of the trip. It was bound to happen, I guess.

Finally Deming, New Mexico gave us a good lunch and this wonderful motel sign.
We agreed that it would be better to have seen it lighted. We ain't going back, however.

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