Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heading Back

Yesterday took us from Alamogordo to Casa Grande, Arizona by way of Silver City, New Mexico , a rather nice outdoor sports resort and college town where we had lunch and then through Eagar on our way to Casa Grande.  We passed through some more spectacular scenery, the Salt River Canyon (second time this journey) and the Gila National Forest. We covered about 510 miles.

Not much by way of pictures, though I did appear once more on a state patrolman's radar. Sharon figured it out for me, I have been stopped in more than half the states we have visited-New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. The problem is VASCAR, an instant-on radar that can track you coming in the opposite direction from the patrol car while it is in motion. He doesn't even have to be looking for speeders, you just pop up. This guy got me exiting a nice quick corner in the mountains, 79 in a 55.

He was helpful in suggesting that I try for traffic school even though I have been recently in California.

Today, at the speed limits, we plan on covering 550 miles, from Casa Grande to Tonopah, Nevada

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