Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Abi, Emily and Steve

So Tuesday dawned again hot as New England goes through its own mini-drought.

We started our day with a short drive over to Leeds, the headquarters of Chartpak, Pelikan’s US distributor. I have known Abigail Weeks, the pen repair technician there for about a decade and we have exchanged more than a few e-mails and calls over that time but never met. That was taken care of today. While Sharon sat patiently, Abi and I exchanged news, views, tips and tricks before heading back into NoHo (as it is known) for lunch. It was a treat getting to know Abi in the way that one can face to face over lunch more than in calls and e-mails.

After Abi dropped us off back at our motel, Sharon and I headed over to Amherst to visit the home of perhaps the greatest (or most obscure) American poet, Emily Dickenson. Unfortunately we read the guidebook incorrectly and the house was closed on a Tuesday in off-season, but we got to roam the grounds and ran into a helpful staffer who gave us a quite nice outside tour of the house.

Dickenson lived here as girl and woman. Most of her writing was done in the room at the right top corner

Emily Dickenson's 328. Who knew?

Austin Dickenson's house next door, Evergreen


Across the street
From there we went back to Northampton. Earlier in the day we noted that we seem to have shorted this charming town with a notable college (Smith) and a vibrant downtown. So we wandered, shopped and took pictures and then took the now familiar walk onto Old South Street, to (Steve) Herrell’s for our third and final ice cream dinner.

This wonderful piece of architecture is the Northampton Town Hall. Lacking a better description I have labeled it Saracen Revival, but Historic  Northampton calls it Gothic/Tudor Revival. I'll stick with my description
A more restrained block

First Church

Wonderful Richardsonian Courthouse undergoing renovation

Look closely at the tablet under the cornice to see the Northampton Savings Bank adapted to Urban Outfitters. This reuse says something about our culture. From middle class capitalist thrift to end-stage capitalist conspicuous consumption??
Speaking of consumption

Wednesday we head off to Portland, ME as we move toward the final, Canadian, stage of this trip.

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