Monday, May 25, 2015

To Cape Breton

Strange things happen when you travel, especially with minimal planning. Sometimes things work out better than they should and sometimes less so.

I did not do my homework properly on Nova Scotia, not in terms of what to see, in what order or how much time to take. The result is that we are not doing full justice to Halifax and we are barely getting to see the rest of the province. We are seeing Cape Breton, but only for two days and a night which just ain’t enough time. Were it earlier in the trip, it would not have been a problem, we would have simply extended our time here, but this close to the end and having already done that several times before, spending more time here is not an option. But I think we are pretty well agreed that we will be returning to the Maritimes soon.

So much for that. So, on Sunday we departed Halifax (we will return on Tuesday, probably) and set out along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore Marine Drive toward Cape Breton. We made it a daylong drive and stopped several times to take pictures along this spectacular coastline.

This is a harsh land and folksw live by the best means they can and that means extractive industry. This was actually our first glimpse of Cape Breton from the shore in Nova Scotia

But, obviously not all of it is like that

Can't do a travel day without a few examples of windshield iPhonography

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