Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally, pens!!

Reluctantly we left the Binders and Nashua early Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful visit with dear friends. Pens aside I am confident that we would be friends in any lifetime under any circumstances and I know Sharon feels the same about Barbara.

And finally, after more than a month, pens. How could it be otherwise between Richard and me? As he has posted elsewhere, Richard was blown away by my near perfect (as he described it) Parker Black Giant. But he immediately recognized, correctly, that it had (note the past tense) nib issues. In truth, I was aware of them and was too cautious to take them on. Apart from hard starts it wrote pretty well, so I let it go. He was not, and as I told him, Richard is the only person I would trust to work on that #12 Parker nib. And work on it he did, and at the end of the day the pen is now a bit closer to perfection and writes better than it did before.

Richard's image of his red bandless Duofold Senior alongside the Giant

And into the bargain, Richard had for me this lovely 2015 Bexley Owner’s Club Pen in custom red.

A brief and scenic drive across scenic secondary roads brought us to Northampton via historic Deerfield. That, along with the town of Northampton will form the basis for Monday’s touring.

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