Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island

More Backroads on our way to Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has been an essential part of this trip since we first conceived it, not for Anne of Green Gables so much as for the whole maritime provinces vibe. PEI and Cape Breton are, in my mind, the real deal.

So we were pleased to be heading here on Monday morning, once again running on backroads and scenic routes. We roughly followed Routes 8 through the Miramichi River Valley and 11 along the Bay of Fundy with detours along  Routes134 and 475. A highlight of the day was a stop in the villages of Rexford and Richibucto, purely serendipitously.

This explains the image below, s'il vous plait

Someone wired this cloth flower to the reeds, I liked it

And if, on Sunday, we had lamented not staying at the Algonquin, an historic CNR hotel, on PEI we find ourselves at The Charlottetown, another historic Canadian National Railway Hotel. Smaller, but every bit as charming. 

Better shots to come, exterior and interior
A room with a view

And to top it off dinnar at the Claddagh Oyster House stands as our best meal of the trip, at least to date. We took the chef’s tasting menu that featured local oysters prominently as well as scallops and for me a fine slow cooked brined pork belly. The flavors were exquisitely balanced with just the right balance of good ingredients paired with complex flavorings. and our only regret was that neither of us could finish the desserts. A fine start. On Tuesday we plan to try walking off at least a few calories by rambling the town before a few days of rainy weather sets in.

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