Friday, May 1, 2015

On the Island

So we have established that we are totally enjoying four restful days on the island.

We are here slightly ahead of the season, which means that a lot of places are not yet open, but we are, for the most part, spared the crowds.

What is amazing about Martha’s Vineyard is that even though it seems to be a major tourist destination, it has not assumed the gimcrack character of so many such places, and we are also interested to note that each of the towns has its own character. Tisbury is a bit of the port town, busy and bustling. Edgartown, where we are staying, fits us well, not flashy but old and comfortable. We spent the morning in Oak Bluff and were captivated by the extravagant and exuberant homes and especially by the plentiful open, common space. A lovely, gracious place. Fun to photograph.

Love The Strand!

A row of shops

What seems to be the main common area

A row of houses facing one of the several commons

My favorite of the houses we saw
The afternoon was spent on Chappaquiddick. Although it is just yards away from Edgartown and our hotel window, it has its own, seemingly isolated, character. You cross the narrow strait on the Chappy Ferry and you are in another world. On the advice of Jim Baer, we drove all the way out to Wasque Beach, a magnificent beach and ecological preserve. A short hike brought us to an osprey nest which was fun to see.

More monochrome


Rocinante, as I have come to think of the BMW. Ran into another owner, who hailed us to comment on the  1M he had seen on the island.

On Jim’s advice dinner was at the Red Cat Kitchen back in Oak Bluff. If you are ever here, this and Among the Flowers in Edgartown are must-stops for dinner and breakfast, respectively.

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