Monday, May 11, 2015

Northampton Plus

After our experiences in Williamsburg, Philadelphia and Boston, not to mention Martha’s Vineyard, you’d thank we have had our fill of old houses and villages. You’d be wrong. On Sunday when we drove past historic Deerfield village we thought it would be interesting to take a brief stroll and see some old houses. Long story short, we spent the day, taking no fewer than four tours through the village and its houses. In many ways it reminded us of what Williamsburg was when we first visited, before Disneyfication.

This old house is actually the Binder House. I forgot to post it yesterday

One of our issues while traveling is that we miss Percy, our cat. Sami helped

Deerfield Inn. First thing I saw was the slightly incongruous McLaren parked there

Had to shoot it close up
Ah, yes, historic houses. This is the Frary House

The Wells-Thorn House was historically this color

And because I am old and don't always keep good records (especially in 80º + heat) I do not remember what these houses are, other than picturesque.

And that was pretty much the day, plus dinner at Herrell’s. If you are not familiar with Herrell’s Ice Cream and live within a hundred miles, you need to come here. This is serious ice cream and it has edged out Mc Connells of Santa Barbara as our favorite American style ice cream. I don’t know if their other stores serve ice cream as good, but this stuff is amazing in flavor and “mouth feel.”

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