Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Prince Edward Island East

We spent most of Wednesday touring the eastern part of Prince Edward’s Island. This place is magical, the scenery, the people, the food and just in general the sense of place. At lunch we chatted with the server who had just graduated university and who expressed the desire never to leave the island. The people seem rooted to the place, comfortable with who and what they are. In today’s rootless world it seems comforting.

Oh, and the mussels, oysters, chowders are to die for.
Thursday, the center and west of the island, didging worshippers at Avonlea.

A few images. Most, I think, speak for themselves:

The farms here perch at the edge of the ocean

The light at Cape Bear stands in mute testimony, not all lighthouses are either beautiful or beautifully preserved

Greenwich's light was closed, but much more graceful than the one at Cape Bear

Another piece of interesting Canadian architecture

Auto-focus is not always your friend, but I think the image actually works. I think.

There is still a surprising amount of snow remaining from last winter.

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