Thursday, May 14, 2015

Other Portland: Mostly Cape Elizabeth and the Portland Head Light

Portland is a city we are greatly familiar with, at least the one in Oregon. But on Thursday we found ourselves in the other Portland, the one in Maine. We stopped here as a breaking point in the drive up to the Maritime Provinces of Canada. But our friend Carla Mortensen now lives here. So the stop  made sense.

We got in touch with Carla early, agreeing to meet for a late lunch, and because it was a gorgeous day she suggested that we visit the Portland Head Light at Cape Elizabeth in the Fort Williams Park before we met. 

Wow!  The day was gorgeous and the site extraordinary. Sharon soaked up the rays while I made about eighty images.

I was delighted by this little cairn that someone built along a promenatory

The light winking at you from some scrub

Another perspective

We then hooked up with Carla for lunch, a quick windshield tour of the city and then a short visit in Carla’s new digs, a beautiful restored Victorian of the sort that abound here. Carla is in love with the city and her circumstances here and I can totally see why she would be. This is a very liveable city. If only for the snow . . .

In all, a fine day.

Friday will take us along the Maine Coast to Calais (pronounced locally as callous), and the crossing into Canada and Fredericton.

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