Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another Highway 1

Not the familiar Pacific Coast Highway that we have driven up and down so frequently. This is US 1 and on Friday we spent the day driving from Portland, Maine to Fredericton, New Brunswick, mostly along this astoundingly scenic route.

Normally on an all-day drive we don’t stop for pics, but I just had to snap just a few at Bar Harbor where we had lunch, the Penobscot Narrows, and at something I think is called Frenchman’s Harbor.

We got to Calais around 5:00 PM, promptly lost an hour as we passed into the Atlantic time zone and then drove along the equally scenic farms and towns of southern New Brunswick to Fredericton.

A bit of windshield photography by Sharon

Side Window

And then Bar Harbor

The Bar. Had we more time at low tide we could have walked out to the island

As we were warned, the town is a bit tacky, note moose and lobster (no squirrel)

Frenchman's Harbor

Penobscot Narrows, scene of a Revolutionary War defeat for the Americans

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