Friday, May 1, 2015

Martha’s Vineyard

Living on the West Coast we had, of course, heard of Martha’s Vineyard. It was a place where the rich and famous cavorted.

Certainly we never understood the beauty and charm of the place. In fact, once again serendipity took hold as Sharon booked us into another Historic Hotel, the Kelley House in Edgartown. The truth is, she had no idea where we were going or what we would do. I had not intended us to be on the island and had no idea of the cost of the ferry. I planned for us to range Cape Cod and take a site trip to Providence. God takes care of fools. Instead, what we have are four days of rest and relaxation in an ideal setting.

Edgartown, where we are staying, claims to be the oldest settlement on the island, dating back to 1642. Lots of the buildings go back not quite that far, but to the classical whaling days of the mid 19th century. Sharon was patient during our morning stroll as I took piccies of everything. After noon, we drove to Martha’s Haven in Tisbury where I took more photos.

In this portion of the trip we seem to be doing a lot of resort tourism (Warwick, Saratoga, here), something of a change from our heritage tourism of a few weeks ago. And this is fine.

A street scene in Edgartown

Shooting in the morning with an overcast seemed to suggest black and white, which I don't really use often or to great effect, but what the hay.

Harbormaster Rosa reviews it all

I liked this one pretty well

Note the tracks leading into the water


We both loved this little stone church

Just one of a bunch of antique cars on the island on Thursday

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